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Safest Ways to Move the Elderly [Infographic]

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safest ways to move the elderly infographic

Safest Ways to Move the Elderly Infographic [Summary]

Depending on the position of the individual, there are some techniques that can be used to make moving them yourself quite a bit easier.

How to Help an Elderly Person Up from a Chair

  1. Pull one side of the pillowcase on the right side
  2. Pull the other side of the pillow case on the left side
  3. Help position the patient’s legs wide apart with the knees bent
  4. Align the patient’s arms to the chair’s armrest
  5. Bend your knees to protect your back from injury
  6. Place one arm under the patient’s arm and your other hand along their back
  7. Gently help the patient lean forward and stand

How to Transfer an Elderly Person from Wheelchair to Bed

  1. Tie a gait belt around the patient’s back nice and slow
  2. Slightly push the patient at the edge of the wheelchair and ask the patient to put a little force on the armchair
  3. Pick the patient up from the gait belt
  4. Put the patient on the bed and remove the gait belt
  5. Put one hand behind the patient’s shoulder and the other under the legs
  6. Pick the patient up and transfer into the bed

How to Move a Patient Up in Bed (Alone)

  1. Place a pillow against the headboard to prevent injury to the patient
  2. Put the top of slider sheet level with the patient’s ear
  3. The closed end of the slider should be positioned toward the head
  4. Put one hand behind the patient’s shoulder and the other under the legs
  5. Pick the patient up and lie on the bed
  6. Make sure the patient’s shoulders are on the slider and the slider is level with the patient’s ear
  7. Ask the patient to bend his or her knees with feet flat on the mattress
  8. Hold the patient’s feet as the patient lifts hips, tucks chin, and uses feet to move up in bed
  9. Once the patient is in position, remove the slider and make sure the patient is comfortable

How to Transfer an Elderly Person from Bed to Wheelchair

Sitting the patient up:

  1. Position the wheelchair beside the bed
  2. Inform the patient about the transfer that will take place
  3. Lift footrests, detach footrest assembly, and set aside
  4. Position left arm underneath the right armpit of the patient and your other arm underneath their knees
  5. Proceed to pivot the patient to a seated position
  6. Attach a gait belt while the patient is in a seated position

Lifting the patient:

  1. Place your legs apart and make sure the patient’s legs are together between your legs
  2. Position your arms underneath their armpits and lay your hands flat on their back
  3. You may grab the gait belt while placing your other arm underneath the patient’s armpit with your hand resting flat on their back
  4. Bend your knees, keeping your back straight, and lift with your legs

Transferring to the wheelchair:

  1. Using the same arm positioning as the previous step, take small steps until the back of the patient’s legs are touching the edge of the wheelchair
  2. Slowly lower the patient into the wheelchair
  3. Reattach the foot rest assembly and help the patient place their feet on the footrest
  4. Disengage the breaks, and now you are ready to go

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