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Working With Case Managers to Give The Best Hospice Care

In working with case managers, it is our belief that exceptional hospice care at home can only be provided by caring, compassionate and professional staff. We foster these qualities in our clinicians and support staff. Let us assist you in providing a comfortable transition for your patient and their families.


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Your Questions & Concerns About Omni Care Hospice Answered

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If I call you with a referral how soon will I get an answer if you accept?
How do you determine which referrals you will take?
Do I have to fax you the referral forms or will someone come pick them up?
Do you pick up referrals over the weekend and holidays?
What paperwork do you require to accept a referral?
How soon will you see a new patient referral?
Are your community liaisons credentialed?
What are your protocols to control pain, infections?
Do you resuscitate her/him?
Where do you provide services?
Is care available 24/7?

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Refer a Patient

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We’ll give you a call to complete the process and get more information about the patient. However, the decision to enter hospice is always that of the patient (or the decision maker on their behalf).

Registered & Licensed Nurses 

Assess patients and provide care that the physician has ordered.  This includes performing prescribed medications, assessing a chronic illness in which the patient’s condition has deteriorated; and teaching treatment, health measured and disease processes.

Therapy Services

Our Therapists will assess and utilize rehabilitative techniques of exercise, gait training, prosthetics and heat to restore patients to their highest functional level of strength, range of motion and mobility.

Medical Social Services

Our Social Workers will provide counseling about social or financial difficulties arising from a patient’s medical condition.  We will also provide access to community resources to assist the patient with their needs.

Feel Confident When Referring a Patient and Their Loved Ones to Omni Care

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