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Hospice Admission Process

Our hospice admission process for admitting a chronically or terminally ill patient into hospice is very simple

We understand the worrisome burder you have as a family member. Trust us to make your situation as peaceful as possible for your and your loved one.

To begin:

01 hospice admission processWe must first receive an order from the patient’s doctor. If the doctor has recently seen the patient, it’s as simple as having the doctor fax an order to us that states Hospice Evaluation and Admit along with supporting documentation by an MD, multiple MD’s, hospital, etc. that would qualify a patient for Hospice (Certification of Terminal Illness of 6 month or less).

• Home MD’s will not see patients for Hospice Assessments. A Nurse can assess a patient for Hospice without an order BUT there must be an established MD willing to write Hospice order and substantiate the Hospice diagnosis (MD office notes, hospital records).

• A patient or caregiver can sometimes put in a ‘self-referral’ but will mostly depend on each individual’s situation.

02 hospice admission processOnce the order has been submitted, an RN (Registered Nurse) will look over the patient’s medical history. Upon visiting the patient in home to make an assessment, the nurse will create a care program for the patient.

03 hospice admission processThe care program schedule will vary per patient. Because of this, we can never give visiting frequencies for any of our clinicians as it is misleading to patients and their families. Some of the personnel that may visit the patient include:

• CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) as per the Care Plan created by the Nurse.

• The Registered Nurse will visit to assess the patient’s care needs, make adjustments and recommendations as needed.

• Social Workers and Chaplains  are also a part of the Care Team.

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