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What Are the Medicare Hospice Benefits I Need to Know About?

what are the medicare hospice benefits i need to know about?

Unlike other types of medical care, Hospice is different as it is not intended to be curative treatment. Instead, its goal is to improve the quality of the life of terminally ill patients and to keep them comfortable. The family members of hospice patients may also find assistance for handling the practical and emotional challenges that comes with caring for someone in hospice care. If you have a family member or friend who requires hospice care, you may be concerned with how they can receive the care that they need. Medicare hospice benefits may be able to provide the necessary resources to make comfort care possible.

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Is My Loved One Eligible for Medicare Hospice Benefits?

In order to qualify for hospice benefits from Medicare, there are certain conditions that have to be met. An individual must:

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What Hospice Services and Expenses Are Covered Under Medicare?

The hospice benefits covered by Medicare include services and any related medical equipment and supplies that are needed to help your loved one manage the pain and symptoms caused by his or her terminal illness and any related medical conditions. The specific course of care your loved one receives will depend heavily on his or her specific condition and will be recommended by a hospice care team. Your loved one will be able to receive care from the comfort of his or her own home or as an inpatient at an approved hospice facility.

The services that Medicare will cover include:

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Medicare will also cover medical equipment and supplies such as:

What WON’T Medicare Cover?

If your ailing loved one opts to receive on hospice care, there are a certain services and equipment that Medicare will not cover. This will include:

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