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Hospice Bereavement Counseling In Las Vegas

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We build relationships with our patients, and it is only fitting that we honor them by supporting their relatives too.

We believe that every individual we meet has an impact that reaches far beyond themselves, spanning out to their community and loved ones. In that same way, the hospice care we provide extends beyond the life of a patient.


Our bereavement services are designed for the families of hospice patients who have passed.



We feel strongly about being here to support and guide you through your transition because we understand how grief and loss affect family and friends who have lost a loved one.


Understanding Grief Counseling

When someone feels grief and mourns the loss of a loved one, they are going through bereavement: a process that involves many different emotions over a period of some time. The loss of a family member, friend, or even acquaintance can have this effect on anyone.

Family members feeling grief may experience emotions including denial, anger, and depression when a loved one passes away. What is important to remember is that the grief counseling process is different for everyone.


Is grief counseling covered my Medicare?

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The Before & After 

Omni Care Hospice is sensitive to your needs during the course of bereavement. We provide the utmost care to our patients and offer the same treatment with bereavement services to family and friends experiencing loss. After the passing of a loved one, it is our priority to be sensitive to the requests of family and friends.

Help With Details

We are aware and mindful that patients and their family and friends have different traditions or preferences they follow, or they may even require help and guidance when planning for what happens next. We make sure that we are available during your planning for funeral services and burials, for example, all while remaining compassionate to you.

Compassionate Grief Counseling

No one knows how they will react to loss, so we offer counseling and therapy catered to your needs or wants. We are here to help support you. No one wants to think about what happens next with the passing of a loved one. That’s why we are here to help make it the smoothest transition it can be. Our patients are very important to us; that means that their friends and families are too.

Understand Your Options

Hospice is about comfort and care for patients with life-limiting illnesses and their families. We can help remove the burden of coordinating care and provide your family with a support system during this emotional time.

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